Local RV owners step up to help first responders in need of place to quarantine


RV’s are in hot demand right now, especially for medical professionals and first responders needing a place to self quarantine after possible exposure to COVID-19. When a Sedgwick County firefighter put out a plea for help, the community quickly responded.

“I didn’t expect that kinds of response,” said Brad Crisp, Deputy Fire Chief for Sedgwick County Fire District 1.

Two crew members were exposed to COVID-19 on the job.

“It’s a fact of life in 2020. Here we are, we are dealing with it, we are still responding to emergencies, and we are still fully staffed. We hit these little bumps in the road and it’s just good to know people are here to help.”

The help is coming from a man with an empty RV, who wanted to stay anonymous.

“I enjoy sharing with others. My whole life, share what you know, share what you have with others, and this opportunity came up and no problem,” said the owner of the RV.

The Facebook page called RVs 4 MDs connects people from across the U.S to firefighters, doctors and nurses who may be in need of a place to stay to isolate away from their own family members.

For about a week the firefighters will stay in the RV close to a fire station for medical staff to monitor them and bring necessities.

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