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Here are easy driving tips

It’s amazing how many dumb and inconsiderate drivers we have in the C-U area. Below are a few areas where C-U drivers can improve.

1. Speed: There are these signs with a maximum speed on them. In your car, there’s something called a speedometer. All you have to do is make the speedometer match the speed-limit sign. It’s that easy.

2. Cellphones: Hands-free means hands-free. That text or phone call can wait. And if it can’t, find a safe area to pull over and handle your business. Also, if you are waiting at a red light, you still need to be hands-free. You are still operating a motor vehicle in a lane of traffic. Stay off that phone and focus on your driving. It’s that easy.

3. Stopping: A stop sign means stop. It doesn’t mean you can slowly roll through it. And if you’re turning right at a red light, you still need to come to a stop first and then proceed. It’s that easy.

4. Turn signal: Use this anytime you are turning your vehicle or changing lanes. It’s that easy.

Being a better driver is, well, easy. The primary issue is that too many drivers just

don’t care.

I also urge smokers to stop throwing their cigarette butts out car windows! Find a proper way to discard it without littering our communities. It’s not hard.



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