Here are some safe running tips as the days are now shorter

ROCHESTER, Minn. – The days are starting to get shorter now and it’s darker for longer. So it’s important for drivers to keep an extra eye out for runners on the road and vice versa.

If you add face masks into the equation for drivers, that could hinder their vision even more. If you’re driving with a face mask on, the corners could be seen in your peripheral vision. Or if you’re wearing glasses, they could get foggy. The Director at Olmsted County Public Health, Graham Briggs, said there’s no need for you to wear it in your vehicle. “I think you could consider your car an extension of your house basically or your living space. so if you’re driving in your car by yourself, there’s no need to wear a mask,” explained Briggs. “You don’t need to protect other people outside of your car.”

If runners aren’t wearing the proper gear in the dark, you could easily not see them. Things like a reflective vest, a head lamp or even just a flash light are some good items to keep on you. Avid runner, Mike Schmitt, explained everyone needs to be looking out for each other on the roads. “Everybody is out here to exercise. Everybody’s out here to make themselves a better person,” said Schmitt. “So if we could all just kind of realize that it’s not a competition, that we’re all in this together. So if you see a runner or biker and vice versa, if you’re a biker or runner, make sure that you give grace to those people that want to get out and do their thing.” Schmitt said as a runner, if you don’t have to run on the road, then run on the sidewalk as much as possible to reduce the risk of not being seen.

Briggs also explained if you’re riding in a car with others who would likely get serious complications from COVID-19, then wearing a face mask in the car is a good idea.

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