Automotive Engineering Services, Automotive Engineering Design

Automotive companies are experiencing a rapidly evolving automotive landscape where cars are transforming from just being connected to becoming as smart as our smartphones. QuEST is committed to solving such industry challenges for our global automotive customers by accelerating vehicle body and power train design, vehicle electronics, in- vehicle infotainment, ADAS, e-mobility, autonomous systems, fleet/asset management, and automotive security for automotive OEMs and Tier 1s of the world.

QuEST is uniquely positioned to partner with companies through our deep domain knowledge in the automotive industry and our engineering expertise in Mechanical, Electronics, Software and Digital Technologies. Having worked with some of the world’s largest automotive OEMs and component suppliers, we understand the importance of delivering value to the automotive industry’s end customers. We drive business outcomes for OEMs and tier-1s using digital initiatives like predictive maintenance, passenger safety, spurious spare parts detection and eradication, digital twin, telematics, connected systems, immersive maintenance training, real time remote maintenance support, and immersive product marketing solutions. Ranging from embedded & electronics to mechanical engineering, our solutions and services are designed to enhance passenger experiences at every link of the value chain.

We enable our customers in the automotive industry to create the frontier in safety, comfort and driving experience for consumers.

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